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Get ready for MacOS X 10.1

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Get ready for MacOS X 10.1 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new software uses many of the improvements that Apple has made in the firmware of its machines: for this reason, on the installation disc there is a collection of all the firmware updates for many Mac models.We strongly recommend that you perform the update operation of the firmware but this could lead to a non-secondary problem: let's see it in detail. In recent months, Apple had warned many users that the auding of the firmware of their machines would have led to a "degradation" of compatibility of the third-party RAM present in the machines; many users have been restrained from carrying out the update for this reason. To partially solve the problem and remove any doubts before installation, it is convenient to carry out these operations …

– Download the Dimm Check utility from this site and launch it: it will check the compatibility of the modules on your Mac with the update before installing it – Launch the firmware update present on the Mac OS X disk and related to your Mac (if you have a laptop, connect it to the network first) – Launch the Mac OS X 10.1 update following the instructions of the PDF file contained on the CD.

Since a good amount of RAM (at least 128 MB) is indispensable for running the new system, especially in combination with Classic, the operation has a double utility and failure to update the firmware could lead to some incompatibilities with the peripherals related firewire and other non-minor issues with unwanted kernel panic!

More tricks and tips for Mac OS X can be found in the Mac OS X Tips section of MacProf

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