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"Germantown case" towards the solution

"Germantown case" towards the solution logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Germantown "case", the city that prevents shops from using food symbols and backlit signs, appears to be on the way to a solution. Apple, which by choosing Germantown to place one of its stores, seemed to have entered a dead end could obtain permission to use its logo by illuminating the sign too.The confirmation that reasonableness is prevailing is captured in the declarations of John W Niven Jr, one of those responsible for what in our administrative legislation would define the Germantown junta. Niven, in fact, in a statement on the Bite.org website softens the tone and invites moderation. in Germantown, says the administrator, we do not make holy wars. Our disposition finds reason in the desire to have an urban environment as decorous as possible. "And in the Apple logo, personally, I don't find anything indecorous," says Niven.Poich, therefore, the Germantown commission has the possibility of applying exceptions to the provision in question very likely that on August 27th everything will be resolved for the better and that Apple will have its sign with the apple and the lighting from the inside. Without the need to look for another shopping mall nearby and outside Germantown's jurisdiction to install his new store.

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