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GeForce FX, premature death?

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The prospect of the launch of a new ATI chip capable of closing the very slight gap currently present between the GeForce FX and the Radeon 9700 Pro, would be inducing Nvidia to drastic decisions, including the acceleration of the engineering of the new generation of NV chips and the abrupt abandonment of the NV 30 at the base of the GeForce FX.

To support this thesis rumors, whose consistency is certainly not easy, that rebound from the east according to which the company that physically builds the chips (and based in Taiwan) has already received the order to suspend production when they have been baked 100,000 NV30.

The reason for this decision, as mentioned the competitiveness of ATI and its future RV350 which, arriving in March, could completely erode the advantage, laboriously built and with the use of advanced technologies (such as circuitry at 0.13 microns), against of FX. In addition to the rest, the first GeForce FX are only arriving in mid-February, just a month before the Radeon 9900 (what should be called the new top models of ATI) leaving them too short a time to establish themselves on the market enjoying the performance margin in the against the competition. Better, one would say to Nvidia, to leave to its destiny a processor that proves that it is not able to keep its promises and focus on its implementation, refining the technology that has enormous margins for development.

If the rumor were true it would be the first failure of Nvidia in years now, since it started the hunt for ATI forcing Canadians to overturn the prospects with which they look at the market, from dominators to pursuers. A role that ATI is playing very well and that has recently delivered positive results to the Ontario company.

For its part, Nvidia has denied the rumors, which also appeared on a BBS of fans, defining them as a sum of nonsense, but from the East, as mentioned, confirmation signals seem to come.