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Gear4 Duo: two iPod / iPhone docking systems for the price of one


Gear4 presents its Duo, a new and interesting dock system for the Apple player. Singularity of this accessory is its double personality: the Duo can in fact be used as a speaker dock at home, resting on a piece of furniture or on any shelf, or as a portable speaker, ready to be transported with maximum comfort. This option is allowed thanks to the front where the dock resides, a portion removable from the main body of the Duo and usable on its own.

Obviously the Duo gives the best of itself as a fixed docking system, thanks to 38W of total power (including the 20W of the subwoofer), while in its portable version you will have to settle for only 18W. The portability guaranteed thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery (also has a compartment for an additional battery, useful to double the energy duration) which will be rechargeable via the mains or simply by connecting the front to the base.

The dock slot (retractable) can be used with all the latest iPod models, starting from the iPod 4G onwards, including iPod touch and iPhone. Finally, the product has a modern and aggressive design, thanks to the metallic materials, but never excessive or over the top.Available starting from next June but already bookable on the official website, the expected price for the Gear4 Duo of about 200 euros.