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Gateway victim of the terrorist attack

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Gateway victim of terrorist attack logomacitynet1200wide 1

The terrorist attack on America caused another victim. These are gateways that in the night between yesterday and today, with closed markets, announced that the quarter will close with profits well below expectations.Gateway, which for some months in serious financial difficulties that in terms of number of the machines that he manages to put on the market, he has made it possible for the company to close the accounts with losses of 14 to 17 cents per share. Most estimates set losses for the quarter at just 4 cents. According to Gateway managers, a significant part of the damage to the budget would come from the 9/11 terrorist attacks which, as in the case of Compaq which has just launched an equal warning to its investors, it would have effectively stopped all commercial activity in a crucial month for PC manufacturers. Gateway thinks he can return to profit soon from the next quarter.

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