Games … world (and much more) discounted on the App Store

Business time for those who love Electronic Arts games. The company specializing in video games that for some time has also been betting strongly on the iPhone and iPad, in fact launches a series of discounts on some very popular titles in its catalog on the App Store.

The game is probably more interesting, given the … times that run, Fifa World Cup. Needless to say, thanks to it we immerse ourselves in the world climate playing a tournament with 105 teams (including therefore those not qualified for the finals), 10 South African stadiums recreated to perfection and a series of games played by real champions. Fifa World Cup was € 4.49 and now costs € 3.99.FIFA 2010 World Cup

Maybe a little more retr but not less popular Monopoly; the electronic version of the board game drops from 3.99 to 2.39 euros; discount also for the classic "Forza 4" (79 cents instead of 2.39 euros) and the investigative Cluedo (also raised to 79 cents from 1.59 euros). Also interesting is The Sims World Travel Adventure for 3.99 euros

Moving on to another developer (Gameloft) but always remaining in the playful genre, here is the discount for just 79 cents (from 3.99 euros) of Real Football 2010; 8 championships, 245 teams and multiplayer challenge in Wifi or Bluetooth with the possibility of uploading videos of the best actions on Youtube, updating the online database and much more are the characteristics of this title which counts on an incredible number of positive reviews. Even the World Cup South Africa is discounted to 79 cents (instead of 2.39), it is not for a real game, but a complete information system that allows you to watch "live" what is happening in South Africa, from formations, to match preview, from real-time rankings to historical data.

Buce Lee Dragon's Warrior is a completely different genre, a fighting game inspired by the legend of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee Dragon's Legend

The discount of 2.39 euros (instead of 3.99) was introduced to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the birth of the protagonist. Bruce Lee Dragon's Warrior has various game modes, customizable fighting style, five scenarios. The adventure mixed with RPG with Fantasy background developed by Chilingo, Ravensworld: The Fallen King also goes from € 3.99 to € 1.59

This is not a game but it certainly has many admirers also Qik, iPhone Video Camera. It is, as the title says, of a software that transforms iPhone into a video camera with zoom, possibility to pause and other functions. It also allows you to apply effects while recording and broadcast images live via the web and take a photo while recording. In the latest version, it is also able to transmit live, without first transferring it to the Web. The cost drops for June from 1.59 euros to 79 cents. "Monstrous", always talking about photography and images, the cost reduction of optical illusions pro

iHuesplash, a software for the selective modification of colors that goes from 99.99 euros to 2.39 euros. Discount also for Gatto Matto (79 cents) and residual credit for 3 (always at 79 cents)

On the App Store, numerous previously free applications are now available for free. Among others we point out Eye Illusions Pro (a very well organized set of optical illusions; it was 1.59 euros), Puzzle Quest Chapter 1 & 2 (a classic role-playing game; it was 3.99 euros), N.Y. Zombies (a title with predictable content and location; it was 1.59 euros). Air Photo Wifi Printing (printing photos via Wifi; it was 79 cents), Virtual SLR Camera (a software that allows you to apply variations to images such as applying filters and varying colors; it was 1.59 euros), Star Cannon (a typical space game with bonuses and enemies to destroy; it was 79 cents) and Jimmy Pataya (a curious game, also for iPad, where you jump from a plane to avoid obstacles; it was 79 cents).