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Gameloft sales: the Android catalog for 0.99 euros!

Gameloft sales: the Android catalog for 0.99 euros!

Even for the world Android sale time. Gameloft in fact announced the launch of one promotional season as for several titles of its brand: the avalanche of offers involves the "Back Stab HD" and "The Dark Knight: The Return", up to "Fast & Furious 5" and "Modern Combat 4".

The offer, reachable at this link, accessible only through your mobile device.

In short, in Gameloft there is a desire to change the air: the prices of the games stop at the exciting threshold of 0.99 euros! Which is equivalent to saying a reduction, up to 80%, of the list prices Google Play.

And to make navigation more practical, the games on sale are divided into three main sections: Best seller (which contains the best titles of the moment), i New arrivals (in which the latest games appear in the database), and the choice via Categories (which allows you to jump from one type of game to another).

In view of any doubt, or for more detailed information on the purchase, you can access the appropriate FAQ section.


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