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Gameloft next to the release of the new chapter of Iron Man!

Gameloft next to the release of the new chapter of Iron Man!

From your Twitter Englishof Gameloftnew information arrives about the videogame transposition of the third chapter of Iron Man.

More precisely, there is a date and a pair of metallic eyes (proper to the helmet of Iron Man), contained in the above screenshot that the company itself shared through the famous social network.

In addition, the post bears the wording warming up main core, further clue that puts us on the right track, that of Iron Man 3.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Iron Man the famous hero of Marver, made famous by the release of two films in recent years, and by the arrival of a third who inspired the game. His alter-ego Tony Stark, multi-billionaire who delights in saving the world.

We have no further news about it. Gameloft he had already announced that he would amaze with a series of new titles for 2013 and this is just the beginning.

The release date scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully it's cross-platform Android / iOS, we are really curious to try it.

Appointment then a tomorrow to find out if this android game will actually go for the green robot.


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