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GameCore: a new iPhone development engine

GameCore: a new iPhone development engine – Macitynet.it

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From the versatile Unity 3D to the simple GameSalad, amateur and amateur developers do not always have more tools to make their games for iPhone and iPod Touch. To the list is added GameCore, a cross-platform development engine created by Helios Interactive and already used for the creation of its own games, including Truck Off and Metajets. Rave Mehta, CEO of the company, says that their new tool aims to cover the entire gap between the development of cross-platform 3D games, web publishing and social gaming.

GameCore presents itself as a flexible engine, which allows you to create 2D and 3D games both on poorly performing platforms and on more sophisticated ones. Most interestingly, however, that Helios Interactive provides a free version for indie developers and students. For those interested, all information on GameCore is available on the official project website.

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