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Galcon Fusion: geometric space battles on offer on iPad

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Galcon Fusion: geometric space battles on offer on iPad –

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Real-time strategy enthusiasts have remembered Galcon Fusion since the first iPhone version, a title that won the Design Award category at the 2009 Independent Game Festival. Now Galcon Fusion is offered in the iPad version with an 80% discount just 1.59 EUR. It is an original real-time strategy game set between planets and spaceship fleets mostly represented with 2D geometric figures and triangles. The player starts by controlling one or two planets on a map that hosts different planets: each planet has a number that indicates the production and quantity of available spaceships. To conquer a certain planet, be it neutral, controlled by the computer or by a human opponent in multiplayer, you must face and defeat the available spaceships. Once conquered, the planet provides us with the ships owned which may well be used to go to the conquest of other planets and enemies.

In addition to the originality of the graphic representation, in the most demanding battles on the screen of Galcon Fusion thousands of spaceships move simultaneously together, the game was appreciated by critics and fans for its immediacy and for the massive use of multitouch controls. All these features shine even more in the iPad version. For a week, Galcon Fusion offered with 80% discount in practice only 1,59 euro a good opportunity to get their hands on HD and improved version of a title that has already captivated many players on the iPhone and touch.

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