App 2.0: new user interface, portrait video, dark mode and much more! App 2.0: new user interface, portrait video, dark mode and much more!

We launched the Gagget-Info.comInstant Tech News app in May last year and the app was an instant hit among our fans. Thanks to the support of our fans, the app has exceeded 100,000 downloads in less than a year with a rating of 4.8 on the Play Store to boot. Since the launch, we have constantly worked on the app, constantly improving the functionality with the help of your valuable feedback and paying particular attention to the suggestions of the interesting features you have sent us. In the last two months we have worked on a major update that introduces some of the most requested features for the app. The new Gagget-Info.comapp 2.0 has been available for beta testers for some time, which helped us solve any problem with the latest update.

You may already know that here we pay enormous attention to quality in everything we do and now that our updated app has reached the same standard, we have officially published it on the Google Play Store. The new Gadget-Info.comApp 2.0 offers a completely redesigned user interface along with fantastic new features that you will surely appreciate. Let's take a closer look at everything new in theGadget-Info.comApp 2.0:

Beebom App 2.0: everything new

1. New user interface

Old user interface (left) and new user interface

First of all, the new 2.0 has an interface new user, which closely follows the material design guidelines prescribed by Google and gives users a more streamlined experience as they receive their daily dose of instant technology news.

We have eliminated the old hamburger menu and the new app has been divided into three friendly cards: the News tab, the Video Card and the Profile tab .

Based on your feedback, we have also updated the "Current Trends" section on the News tab, which you all know and love. There The updated "Trending Today" section now works and works better than the previous version diGadget-Info.comapp, with relevant images and the trendiest topics in the news of the day.

2. Gestures

As mentioned above, the updated app has been divided into three new friendly cards. You can easily switch between the tabs by swiping left or right on the app's main screen. Not only that, we have also introduced navigation based on gestures in news and videos that offer a much more intuitive browsing experience. Within the news, you will be able to swipe left to go to the next story and scroll right to go to the previous story . If you have finished reading the news and want to return to the home screen, you can simply scroll down to go back .

The new intuitive gestures have also been extended to the video card. Once you start watching a video, you can double tap the left or right edge of the current video to rewind or forward the video and if you are watching you can quickly scroll down to return to the main video feed.

3. Video portrait

With the new Gadget-Info.comApp 2.0 we have also introduced exclusive portrait videos for theGadget-Info.comApp 2.0 . The new portrait videos are shown on the second tab and, unlike our usual videos on YouTube or Facebook, which are quite long, the exclusive videos of the apps are sharp, but informative.

The new portrait videos are carefully planned and performed only for the app e you won't find these videos on any of our other platforms . These videos address some of the most trendy topics in the world of technology and present the same familiar faces you saw in our YouTube and Facebook videos. The videos are accompanied by a brief description at the bottom, which can be raised by sliding upwards at any point on the screen.

4. Read another button

Once you open a news story, you will be greeted with a new bar that presents the new "read more" button, along with bookmarks, the Share and Like buttons. This new button Read another feature also required by a number of Gmail-Info.comapp users who have often asked us to provide more detailed versions of the stories for a couple of popular news topics.

The Read More button redirect to the Google website, where you will find a detailed version of that particular story, with additional information and insights which may not have been mentioned in the compact version.

5. Dark mode

Coming to the most requested function, for which we have received hundreds and hundreds of emails from you guys, the new "dark mode" . TheGadget-Info.comApp 2.0 has a new dark mode that can be activated by the app settings that can be found in the profile tab.

As you would expect, the dark mode gives the whole IU a clean, dark appearance, which is a blessing if you are one of those who love to read in the dark. In my opinion, the dark mode seems much more interesting than the white user interface and I always keep it active.

6. Widget

The new Gadget-Info.comApp 2.0 also brings with us a new handy widget that you can place on your main screen and stay updated on the latest technological innovations. The simple 4 1 widget updates frequently for view the most recent history published on the app and you can also browse the older stories by pressing the left and right arrows in the widget. Tapping on the widget will instantly take you to the highlighted story, so you can read a short and clear account of that particular topic.

7. I like it

As soon as we released the first version of the AppGadget-Info.comapp, our inbox was flooded with requests to add a button similar to the app. Well, now you have what you asked for. The updated Gadget-Info.comApp 2.0 has a new "like button" that can be found right next to the bookmark button on the news sheets in the main feed and in the new bar located at the bottom of each news item. The Like button is also available on the video card and is located next to the bookmark button in the lower right corner of each video.

Delight in particular stories and videos gives us invaluable information on the type of content you prefer to read or watch, so that we can offer you more similar content in the future. The Like button will also help you to easily find trendy stories and videos that other users liked in the app.

Download theGadget-Info.comApp 2.0 from the Play Store (free)

Beebom App 2.0: designed for you

We are very grateful for the immense support you have shown for ilGadget-Info.comApp and since we always aim to offer you the best, we have improved our instant news app based on what our community has asked for. We hope you love theGadget-Info.comApp 2.0 as much as you loved the original app and enjoy the brand new experience, thanks to your daily dose of instant technological news. Furthermore, iOS users, we will bring the Gadget-Info.comapp to the App Store by the end of the year.

Well, what's your opinion on the new Gadget-Info.comapp? Do you think the new features are useful? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you keep that feedback coming for the next important update!