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G3, still alive despite everything

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Will there still be life for the G3 in Apple's future?

The question, until a few days ago, from most experts would have had a negative answer. At the moment, in fact, the only recent computer (therefore excluding the iMac CRT) that still uses the old chip the iBook while the rest of the range switched to the G4.

If for the indiscretions that Thinksecret reports today prove concrete, some doubts could be advanced in this regard.

According to the site dedicated to rumors, in fact, IBM that produces the PPC 750FX, codenamed Sahara, used by the iBook would have recently given way to the development of a new evolution of its PPC called in code Gobi.

The chip would be based on the same architecture as the PPC 750FX from which it would stand out for the implementation of new technologies such as RapidIO; the speed would be higher than 1 GHz, which at the time of launch represented the limit threshold of the PPC 750 FX.

The hypothesis of a successor to the PPC 750 FX with speeds above GHz has its foundation. Gobi would in fact represent a bridge between the PPC 750 FX and the processor derived from Power4, the PPC 970, which has been talked about for a long time in the past few months and which would only arrive at the end of 2003.

The adoption of the PPC 750 FX "Gobi" for hampered by some factors, such as the increasingly decisive support (also at the operating system level) of the AltiVec code present in the PPC 970 but not usable for any derivative of the PPC 750. Apple could to continue buying the G3 for future versions of the iBook, perhaps for a radically renewed version that could mature in the spring of 2003.