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Fruit Ninja surpasses the million copies sold

Fruit Ninja exceeds one million copies sold – Macitynet.it

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The Australian development team Halfbrick, author of the appreciated Fruit Ninja for iPhone and iPod Touch, has announced that it has scored one of the greatest achievements since its birth in 2001. Just yesterday, in fact, their original and colorful arcade game has exceeded the significant figure of one million copies on the App Store, thus establishing itself as one of the best-selling titles for Apple's portable devices. Fruit Ninja was in fact published towards the end of April, immediately finishing at the top of the charts of the most purchased games in the United States and staying for 60 days.

The secret, the developers themselves say, the same that is behind other successful games such as Angry Birds and Doodle Jump: a close relationship with their users and their feedback, as well as the continuous publication of new updates. So far, five patches of the game have been published, which added new ways and made it better and fresher; even now the developers are working on the next update and, despite the excellent results already achieved, they seem to have every intention of squeezing as much as possible their little hen from the golden eggs. Fruit Ninja, for those who have not yet tried it, available on the App Store at a cost of only 79 cents.

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