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From Sony the iBook killer?

From Sony the killer iBook?

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Sony confirms: "we will use Transmeta chips in future versions of our Vaio laptops". The official announcement of the leaked in the past few days and reported yesterday also from our site comes directly from Japan from where it states that the choice to use the new Crusoe processors determined by some strategic factors that will give a consistent advantage in terms of battery saving and new features. "The new Vaio C1 – said a Sony spokesman – will use the Crusoe processor. The chip adapts very well to our designs for the evolution of the laptop. C1 will be on sale by the end of the year and will have innovative features. It is the smallest of the Vaio and will be equipped with a built-in CCD camera ”. The endowment of the camera, which presumably drains a lot of energy from the battery, was one of the determining factors in the choice of the Transmeta processor. As known, Crusoe is not as powerful as traditional PC processors (due to the process of emulating x86 code instructions), it consumes much less. Perhaps not unlikely to think that the new laptop could be a danger for the iBook market. C1 should be for now the only computer of the Japanese giant to use Crusoe. Sony has in fact declared that for now it does not intend to adopt the chips also on the other models of the successful series Vaio. But for Crusoe the market outlets do not seem to be missing. IBM, Gateway, America On Line, Hitachi, Fujitsu have all stated that they intend to adopt Transmeta products in future products.

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