Dal 30 ottobre disponibile l’Intel Core i9-9900KS

From October 30, Intel Core i9-9900KS with Turbo up to 5 GHz will be available

Intel has announced details on the availability of the special edition of the new Intel Core i9-9900KS for the ninth generation. The processor in question offers a Turbo frequency on all cores up to 5 GHz; will be available from October 30th with prices starting in the US starting at $ 513.

High level performance in the field of games, video streaming and editing among the main qualities.

The i9-9900KS processor unlocked and boasts 8 cores and 16 threads, basic frequency up to 4 GHz, TDP switching to 127 W (compared to 95 W of 9900K), 16 MB of Intel Smart Cache and up to 40 PCIe lines in the gaming and loverclocking platform.

Among the peculiarities of the CPU, the Turbo frequency on all cores up to 5 GHz and base frequency up to 4 GHz (compared to the 3.6 GHz of the Core i9-9900K model now on sale) and the compatibility with the Z390 motherboards existing.

The producer speaks of "megatasking up to 27% faster" with simultaneous gaming, streaming and recording and "up to 35% more frames per second", inspected by a PC 3 years ago. Even 4K video editing according to Intel "up to 17% faster" than the previous generation and "up to 78% faster" than a PC 3 years ago.

From October 30, the Intel Core i9-9900KS is availableIntel Core i9-9900KS

The special edition of the pro in question designed for gamers and fans of overclocking. Only selected chips present in Intel wafers are able to satisfy certain specifications and operate with all-core Turbo frequency up to 5 GHz. The new proecssore seems an answer to the Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 active AMD cores that with the overclock seems to be able to reach 4.3 GHz and that will be the proposal at the top of the AMD Ryzen range, and to the already available 3900X 12-core, with list prices similar to the new Intel offer.

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