Beosound A1 sarà il piccolo speaker di Bang & Olufsen con Alexa

From Bang and Olufsen Beosound A1 second generation with Alexa support

In 2016, Bang & Olufsen announced its first compact Bluetooth speaker. Beoplay A1, a small disc-shaped device with excellent sound quality and 24-hour battery life. It arrived on the market, as per B&O tradition, with a premium price for what it actually offered, but today the company is introducing the second generation model, called Beosound A1, and which supports Alexa.

B&O claims that this is the first Bluetooth-only speaker with Alexa "fully integrated". Note that the new A1 does not have its own module for connecting to the Internet, and for correct operation it is based on the phone or on another connected device. During the initial configuration, the user will have to connect or create an Alexa account. For everything to work at its best, however, you will have to keep your smartphone or other device within A1's Bluetooth range. B&O says that the onboard microphones can pick up the voice from five meters away and the speaker will continue to pick up the controls for up to three hours after turning off.

In terms, second-generation Beosound A1, thinner and lighter than the previous model, with a redesigned grille at the top. B&O has moved the on-board controls near the leather strap and relabelled them for better clarity. The company also repositioned the LED indicator at the top so that it can be viewed from multiple angles. There is also a new set of three microphones, so as to better capture your voice; this, according to B &, O makes the A1 more suitable for use as a speakerphone.

Beosound A1 will be the small speaker of Bang & Olufsen with Alexa

To further improve 360-degree audio, this new variant opts for a new 3.5-inch woofer, a 0.75-inch dome tweeter and a pair of 30-watt amplifiers with DSP filter. The new A1 also also supports aptX.

B &, also, has increased the battery life, which now stands at 18 hours "at the typical volume", which according to the company of about 70 dB. spent four hours on the first generation unit. If you decrease to "moderate volume" or around 55 dB, it should be able to provide up to 48 hours of playback.

A1 enjoys IP67 certification against water and dust and can withstand water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes.

Beosound A1 second generation already available in black and gray color options directly on Amazon. Surprisingly, the company managed to package all those updates without increasing the price compared to its predecessor, thus standing at 250 euros.

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