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Fring is coming, calling Skype on iPhone and iPod touch

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Fring available in final version. After a beta phase that lasted a few weeks, the program for instant messaging and for voice over IP with various Apple devices available from tonight on the App Store.

Fring allows you to perform the most disparate functions in the field of personal communication. compatible with main IM services (Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ) using any type of connection (Wifi and cellular), but the main feature is the ability to carry out Voice Over IP communications using Wifi with protocol SIP; compatibility with Skype is also guaranteed. You can therefore make calls in Skype-Out and Skype-In, which is particularly important for those who travel abroad or simply want to save money by using Voip to call relatives or friends who live in distant countries.

The Voip function also allows you to make calls at no cost when calling a computer with Skype installed and using Wifi. Note the integration with the iPhone address book and the ability to view all contacts.

To download Fring you can click this link which takes you to the App Store.

The topic is discussed on this page of the Macitynet Forum with indications on how to solve some small account problems.

Below we see the entry screen that shows the various AIM services available and the others that show the customization capabilities, the numeric keypad with access to SkypeOut and SIP numbers, the list of Skype buddies and the address book numbers that appear below.

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