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FreeHand MX, here are the main news

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As announced this morning Macromedia officially presented the new version of FreeHand.

As almost always happens, the American company has also already updated its site with a complete tour in Italian of the new features, also adding prices in pounds (for now no prices in euros).

The main innovations include the introduction of the new Macromedia Studio MX interface which optimizes productivity and design with a customizable and integrated work area. Allows you to group, compress or expand as desired mobile panels. Other similar user interface elements facilitate work from FreeHand MX, as well as other Macromedia MX applications.

The object panel also appears, allowing you to quickly inspect and change the properties of objects, such as strokes, fills and effects, all from a centralized point. The Objects panel also allows you to sort multiple attributes. Users can drag lists of attributes from the Objects panel to the Styles panel to create or redefine styles.

Thanks to multiple attributes it is now possible to create dynamic objects by applying and ordering an unlimited number of strokes, fills and effects on a single vector or text object. This eliminates the need to always keep updated and modify multiple copies of an object to obtain the same visual results.

Vector effects, such as fold, draft and transformation, and raster effects, such as smooth, blur, and transparency, are now available, applicable like any other attribute, to an entire object or to other selected attributes of an object.

The FreeHand MX Connector Lines tool allows you to assign secure relationships between objects. This tool offers the user the ability to map information architecture, data flows and site maps.

Live editing allows you to quickly change the shape of the basic graphics elements, keeping the editability intact. It is therefore possible to round corners, transform oval shapes into arches and change the star shape, all in the work area.

SWF files can be imported, placed, previewed and then re-exported directly to a FreeHand MX document. SWF movies generated from a FLA file and placed in a FreeHand MX document can be edited in Macromedia Flash MX; just click on the Objects panel. Updates made to the FLA file in Macromedia Flash MX are automatically applied to the SWF movie placed in FreeHand MX. Macromedia Flash MX can also open FreeHand MX files directly. Among the other news for the publication of SWF movies Macromedia lists: easy-to-use movie settings and intelligent optimization of the same to ensure minimum file size.

The FreeHand MX Action tool allows you to assign navigation commands between an object at the source and a destination page, by dragging a link between the two elements.

FreeHand MX features several new tools, including the Extrusion tool for 3D effects, Fusion to combine two shapes using a point-and-click metaphor and the Eraser tool to eliminate part of the vector paths, as well as ensuring maximum support for the import and display of alpha channels TIFF, PSD, PNG and GIF.

Finally, FreeHand MX allows users to import Fireworks MX PNG files and keep the editability of objects and text intact. Bitmap images placed in a FreeHand MX document can now be edited and optimized in Fireworks MX with a single click in the Objects panel. You can also open FreeHand MX files directly in Fireworks MX.

FreHand MX which, we remember, was the first professional tool converted for Mac OS X, has also undergone a deep optimization process for the new operating system.

The cost of FreeHand MX of 289 euros for the full version of 70 pounds for the upgrade from version 10. The upgrade from the 9.x version costs 109 pounds. For now only an English version is available and can be purchased in electronic download form with the one packaged below. The Italian version will arrive only later.

More information on the toll free number 800-781-372