Free office for Android and iOS

Free office for Android and iOS

The Microsoft suite becomes free for all, renews the app and with support for Dropbox has the credentials to keep competition at bay

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

Great maneuvers at Microsoft: its famous Office suite available in mode completely free on the mobile operating systems of the Android and iOS competition. Not only that: to celebrate the event, iOS users will find themselves in their stores in these hoursnew versions of pat apps, while those with an Android tablet can subscribe to the preview of the version optimized for tablets with Google os.

Until now, smartphone and tablet users needed a subscription to the Office 365 subscription service to get the full control on your own documents on the Net. Alternatively, by having a laptop or a device with a fairly generous screen, they could still use Microsoft software for free by going online to the site. With this latest move, Microsoft brazenly launches itself at the attack of the opposing platforms and suites, trying to put an end to the proliferation of free productivity apps.

In fact, Microsoft's reasoning is not a wrinkle: We are simply taking the same experience that we already provide for free online and we are bringing it to the native iOS and Android apps. But it takes on another value if we consider another announcement recently made by Redmond, that of the partnership with Dropbox.

The cloud storage platform that is just allied with Microsoft among the most widely used, boasts a widespread distribution, the support of many third-party apps and a native app that integrates very well with mobile operating systems and not. What she really misses is a suite for the document editing stored in the cloud, something that Google Drive and iCloud, for example, already have.

Microsoft for its part offers one of the best and most widespread productivity packages on the market, but relies on its OneDrive for online storage: a service that is interesting in some ways but not always taken into consideration by app developers and not widespread in the mobile environment due to the low adoption of the operating system that should push it, Windows Phone.

With free Office and the ability to directly edit documents in the cloud on a platform as widespread as Dropbox, the Microsoft offer simply becomes too tempting to not at least take it into consideration. With all due respect to Google Documents, iWork and all the promising free apps that have tried over time to fill the inexplicable gap left so far by Microsoft.


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