Free navigator for Android: complete guide

Free navigator for Android: complete guide

Are you afraid of losing yourself during the holidays towards that much desired destination? It will be enough to take your faithful smartphone with you to never lose yourself! In this guide I will show you how to choose a free navigator for Android from all those available. Many have unique characteristics, it will be your task choose the free navigator for Android best suited to your needs.

Note: to make the most of all the browsers recommended in this guide, I suggest you set the location as precisely as possible. Go to Settings -> Geolocation (in other smartphones you can find Position or GPS as a menu item) and set High precision.

Free navigator for Android

Google Maps

Why not start from the obvious, ie fromfree browser for Android most famous? Maps integrated into all Android devices and free, so you don't even have to start looking for new apps to install on your smartphone. If it is not present on your smartphone you can download it from here.


Open the Maps icon and type in the top bar the name of the destination, a specific address or a reference point (like the train station or the main square of the place).free browser for Android 1

Once you get a feedback from the app on the search, click on the icon Indications to start the browser for Android 2

You will see the main route (the fastest) and the alternatives (if you want to save something you can try the state ones instead of the highways). The navigator will show you at the top the type of trip to be made (by car, public transport or on foot), choose the one that best suits your browser for Android

Are you afraid of losing your Internet connection while traveling, or do you have a few GB of connection to your subscription? Download the driving directions offline by clicking on the black banner that will appear on the browser for Android 3

If you need clarifications on the path to follow, click below on Route information. As soon as you are ready to go, click on the button at the bottom right Starts to start the actual browser for Android

Do you want to avoid traffic? The app will show you the route of the route (the line that colors the road) in various colors:

  • Blue: regular traffic
  • Orange: intense but smooth traffic
  • Red: very intense traffic, possible queues and slowdowns (you can also find icons related to accidents)

Here is an example of the traffic along the route set for the browser for Android 4

If you have moved on the map and want to return to your position (the arrow icon representing you or your vehicle) click below on Reposition.


A good alternative to Maps certainly Waze, a free browser for Android that you have to grant at least one chance. You can download it for free from the following link.


Open the Waze app, a similar window will browser for Android 5

Click on It begins and accept the terms of use that will be shown to you (scroll down until you find down on accept). Now the main interface of the app will appear in all its browser for Android 6

To find a destination, you have two methods: the field Search for at the top and the small button in the form of a magnifying glass at the bottom left.

Once the destination has been entered, the route report will browser for Android 7

Waze also allows you to add parking related items, so you always find a place to park (in big cities you can get money or paper, free parking is extremely rare!).

When you're ready to go, tap Go below to open the actual navigator. In this case the navigator will show you icons on traffic conditions, but also points of interest and the other Wazers traveling along the browser for Android 8

With this browser you can get traffic information, new roadblocks and new speed cameras in real time (also thanks to user reports). The itinerary will be changed automatically by the app based on the traffic situation, but if you want to manually change the route, add stops and find out more details of the journey scroll down where you see the white bar with the browser for Android 9

Free Android browser: other apps

In this guide I presented you with what I consider the best apps for free browsing on Android. If you are looking for something else I have included in the following list all the other free apps offered by the Play Store.

To learn more about alternative navigators, I suggest you also read this guide.

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