Free Android GPS navigator

Free Android GPS navigator

Do you have to take a long journey on roads you don't know? In these cases you can completely rely on your faithful Android smartphone, which with the right app will know how to take you to your destination by recommending the fastest and cheapest roads. In this guide I will show you how to use the free Android navigator, also taking advantage of the integrated GPS antenna in all Android devices.

To use these Android navigators in the most effective way, the simultaneous use of GPS and an internet connection is necessary. Only in this way is it possible to integrate all the services that allow you to get directions, calculate the route, be part of a community for sharing information in real time and get to know the nearest service stations. It is obvious that the constant or background use of this service on the Android device, consumer battery and incider on your data plan. So keep an eye on these two information while you travel, so you don't run out of battery or run out of your internet plan quickly.

In these cases, if you are in a car, the advice I give you is to always keep the device connected to the cigarette lighter socket, so at least the battery will remain charged. If you have to leave, read this guide first to show you what I think is the best free Android browser, and it will surely be useful for your next trip.

Free Android Navigator


Whatever the goal, I suggest you to bet on the free Waze browser, without a doubt one of the best of its kind! You can download it for free from the following link.


Free Android Navigator

This Android browser will show you the traffic trend along the set route in real time, alert you to speed cameras installed, show you the main points of interest and allow you to actively interact in the alerts, so you can alert other Waze users of any dangers or other important notifications. The social nature of this browser surely is one of the strong points with respect to the competition, given that it is possible to offer constantly updated maps and react to any unforeseen events along the way effectively (if the app reports heavy traffic, it recalculates the most free and smooth path for to reach the destination).

Use it really simple: once started you just need to tap your finger on the lens-shaped symbol at the bottom left and start typing the way to reach or the location (you can also directly enter the name of the city).

Free navigation on Android

Once the goal has been calculated, just press the button Street, then tap on the buttonDeparture to let the app guide you through GPS and dynamically loaded maps. At any time you can add stops or change routes simply by scrolling down the bottom of Waze until a menu like this appears.Free navigation on Android

In addition to this, it is possible to change other navigator settings to always show the speed limit, to choose toll-free roads and to signal you with an acoustic warning device the presence of speed cameras.

Defects of Waze

The only defects of Waze that I could see during use are:

  • constant Internet connection request (no offline maps)
  • presence of advertising positions during searches (some places or shops are integrated in the search)

So make sure you have a good data connection before using Waze, because without Internet the limited use (can continue to work if you switch to a gallery, but the size of the limited map, because it is downloaded in real time).

Other surfers for free

Waze is the free Android browser that I appreciate most for the accuracy of the information and the accuracy of the maps. But it's not just Waze that you can use as a navigator! Below I have collected all the free apps for GPS navigation on Android:

Almost all of these apps are Android offline browsers, so if you need to reach a place with poor Internet coverage, I suggest you choose one of the apps listed above.

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