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Foxconn loves workers: free meals, shuttles and bonuses for those returning to the factory

Solo per alcuni fornitori di Apple preoccupazioni per il coronavirus

For some time he had not heard of incentives for workers: in these days of great worries for Coronavirus, Foxconn has prepared a complete series of aids and supports, including economic ones, to convince the workers to return to the mega factory cities where smartphones, computers are produced and consumer electronics devices of all kinds, including of course iPhones and other Apple products.

Starting from 10 February, the first permits arrived to be able to resume activities in the factories in China, mostly deserted or almost because of the very small number of workers, discouraged by the prohibitions for travel and transfers, by scrupulous controls on the main routes and especially for fears of coronavirus lepidemia. Also in the past few days, several reports have emerged that signaled this problem and a much slower than expected recovery in commercial and production activities throughout the Dragon Country.

foxconn workers

In an attempt to shorten the time and return to normal activity as soon as possible, Foxconn has prepared a series of incentives for workers, a list of supports and bonuses that have not been felt for years for this category of workers, not only in China, move reported by DigiTimes. In addition to free meals and accommodation, the package includes transport shuttles, an increase in the cash bonus both for employees who decide to return and for new hires, and finally a complete series of extra hygiene and disinfection measures, practices that in these days of global epidemic may be included under the heading incentive.

Waiting to verify the effectiveness of bonuses and incentives on the return of Foxconn workers to China, some analysts predict that at best they will return to full speed in the first days of April, instead in the worst case scenario, underproduction and delays will continue for a long time. In the meantime, Apple has already reduced its forecast for the current quarter.

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