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Forty-Two 1.5.1: from DVD to Divx and VCD / SVCD with one application.

The Pal version of a transcoding application already known for some time is now ready: Forty Two.

The software is not actually freeware but Donationware: you can contribute to the author's efforts by making a small non-mandatory donation.

Forty-two is a system that includes a user interface and the dvdmp and dvdvx engines as well as some * nix tools used for video compression and logic-guided conversion. The software determines with a simple guided choice the right encoding values, the correct ones framerate, screen clipping and produces results in perfect audio synchrony using as little space as possible on your optical media.

Forty-two converts DVDs with AC3 audio to VCD, SVCD, DVD (with a lower framerate to accommodate them in smaller media) DiVX AVI, with the possibility of making the user decide the framerate. If your DVD has only a PCM track or only DTS, the conversion takes place only towards DiVX AVI. Compatibility with any original on DVD is not guaranteed.

The program requires MacOS X 10.2.3 or higher and a DVD player on your Mac. The BSD subsystem must be installed as usual (unless you have specifically excluded it on your Mac and it is already in the basic installation)

Mario Bozzetti, who reports it, says: “Finally we can make a Divx in a simple and fast way. At the beginning I found myself a little confused, but then I realized that in order to have the audio in Italian you have to wait for the program has recovered the information from the DVD, click on the MORE button and an area of ​​options comes down, where possible (by selecting Other for the audio) insert IT, so that the choice of audio is in our language.After about 1 minute, part one preview (which writes a file to the user's home) and if it suits us, we let the program proceed (which after closing the preview for about 1 minute) continues in the compression offering us, after a period of time that depends on the CPU that we're using, the ability to get our backup copy of the movie in question. "

The encoding options are easily selected and indicate all the formats that can be played by a DVD player with SVCD or VCD compatibility or by the computer with the appropriate decoding or playback software.

You can download Forty-Two (about 7 MB) from this page. For a correct management with PAL type archives it is necessary to download also the update 1.5.1 which weighs 2.7 MB and which solves some problems of reading discs with a space in the name, it improves support for languages ​​other than English and subtitles and solves audio problems when you want to convert a film to record it on a single CD.

The installation takes place in two parts: in the first one, the actual application package must be installed, in the second, the encoding support files are downloaded from the Internet. The 1.5.1 update must be carried out after the mentioned operations and this too installs in two parts.

We remind you that making a backup copy for personal use of a legal CD or DVD but you must in any case have the original optical media. Downloading music and movies from the Internet, loaning, borrowing, buying or selling copies of CDs and DVDs is criminal offense and punishable by fines and imprisonment.