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Formulas and formulasPRO: ready-to-use forms for iPhone, touch and iPad

Formulas and formulasPRO: ready-to-use forms for iPhone, touch and iPad – Macitynet.it

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The free formula app provides over 200 of the most important formulas on mathematics, trigonometry, analytical geometry, limits, derivatives, integrals and much more on iPhone, touch and compatibility mode. Unlike other similar apps available on the App Store that look more like real and complete textbooks, formulas offer only what you really need, without complex interfaces and an abundance of materials. The recipe of the Italian developer Fabrizio Cattadori has been appreciated: over 30 thousand users have already downloaded free formulas from the App Store.

Recall that also available formulasPRO which includes a database of over 700 formulas between mathematics, physics and chemistry. It is a universal app that can be used on iPhone, touch and also optimized for iPad. Integrated inside a download manager that allows you to add other content and updates.

Formulas can be downloaded for free from the App Store, while formulasPRO offered at 79 cents on the App Store.

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