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Formac Studio TV becomes audio converter with iMovie 3. Two updates.

While we are still awaiting the European details of the operation (we will give you an account as soon as possible), we are going to illustrate Formac's update offer for its popular analog / digital converter.

With iMovie 3, the conversion device on the FireWire port, there are operational incompatibilities and since iMovie is a fundamental application for joint use with Studio dv / tv, Formac made the decision to provide an update, or rather two. This update also brings the audio compatibility to 48 KHz @ 16 bit in recording.

The first software update is free but only applies to those who own the most recent Studio dv / tv models, i.e. those that have an EPROM in version 1.06 or higher, download here (1.4 Mb) after reading the info .

The second more complex update, applies to those who find themselves an EPROM in the Studio of a version lower than 1.06, costs $ 49 plus shipping costs and any taxes and will be active until March 31, 2003.

To join this update, after registering the product and paying the $ 49, you must fill in a special form (153 KB) and fax it to the USA at 001.510.528.9014, confirmation will be given shortly and an RMA code will be provided – Return Merchandise Authorization to be used for shipping, the updated Studio will be sent back via Airborne courier with a series of new software attachments, on CD.

Attention, we believe that this latter procedure cannot reasonably apply in Europe and for this reason we reiterate to our readers: wait for information regarding our geographical area before moving on, we will publish it as soon as we receive it.

The EPROM version of your Studio dv / tv can be read in the "preferences – TV / FM tuner info" panel inside the Studio TVR or TiVeRon software.

Further info in the specific PDF (419 KB).