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Formac, an LCD for Mac users

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Formac, an LCD for Mac users logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has one more competitor in the monitor sector, undermining Cupertino, directly addressing customers who choose for their Mac liquid crystal monitors, Formac. The German company yesterday announced the first display specifically aimed at the Mac world. It is the Gallery 1740, a 17-inch liquid crystal monitor made in the style appropriate to the new series of Cupertino machines, both for the G4 and the late Cubo. The essential features are: transparent plastic, rounded lines and ADC connector. The presence of the ADC connector is the key to Formac's strategy which undermines Cupertino directly on its ground. From the presentation last summer of the connectivity system that includes power, signal and a USB channel, most Mac users have chosen Apple monitors avoiding to point to other displays that, connected via S-VGA, forced to have other cables behind the computer.Now Formac allows with an equivalent product to have the same characteristics as the monitors Apple.Formac, of course, to incentivize customers also offers a lower price than Apple monitors: $ 899 co within the $ 999 of the 17 of Cupertino; they exchange more than 200,000 lire less, but for users who have Mac models without ADC Formac offers an alternative: the same monitor with VGA and DVI connector (therefore also suitable for the first G4 models) with power supply and a price slightly increased

Formac products are distributed in Italy by Turnover and Iceberg.

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