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Forbes, the new iPods on Tuesday

Forbes, new iPods on Tuesday – Macitynet.it

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After the false alarms of the last few days, the week of the new iPods may have come.

To support the thesis that tomorrow, Tuesday 25 February, Apple will launch the new series of MP3 players on the Forbes website.

In fact, to say that the time for the presentation of a new version of the iPod has come, there are several sites dedicated to rumors that have probably provided the material for the Forbes article.

Recall that according to the most credible rumors Apple would do nothing but introduce a new 40 GB model by deleting the one with a 5 GB disk that in fact the original iPod introduced now 16 months ago. No other technological changes are expected except some refinement in the battery management system which with the introduction of the 1.2 software seems to have given some elements of concern to the owners of the reader who in good numbers complain of insufficient battery life.

To introduce a new range of iPods, however, Apple depends on Toshiba and the Japanese partner's ability to supply enough 40 GB disks that it needs. A version with this capability has been announced in recent days, but it is unclear if it is already in production and if it is already available to customers.

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