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Forbes: Apple among the top 400

Apple among companies whose financial performance has given investors less disappointment. To prove that Cupertino has an enviable solidity, the "Top 400 Platinum Companies" of Forbes magazine. compiled by Forbes magazine.

Apple ranks sixty-five, among the US industries in the ranking, has been drawn up taking into account various parameters and among these also the equity performance over the past 5 years. Cupertino places Apple in front of important companies in the world of computer hardware such as IBM, Intel, Cisco, Sony.

The Nasdaq has rewarded few in recent times and the AAPL title has not remained outside this generalized economic capitulation, losing 29% year on year but with 136% compared to the five-year period.

In the hardware sector, only Harman Intenational, Xilinx, Dell (47th overall) and Maxim Integrated appear in front of Apple. In the very first places is also Lexmark (nineteenth overall) which is classified in the "Business supplies" category.

Behind it are, among others, Cisco, Nvidia, Intel and Sony. In absolute terms, realities such as Microsoft (seventy-ninth but first in the computer software category) also appear behind Apple