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For the North Carolina datacenter, Apple relies on photovoltaics

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Apple focuses on green for the North Carolina data center; an ecological power system, driven by renewable energy of considerable size, will rise next to the data room from where iCloud is managed. It is an expanse of solar panels to achieve which Cupertino has already submitted a proper request for authorization.

The plans emerge precisely from the permits requested by Apple to partially modify the slope of the 171 acres of land, currently empty, owned by it. It is a large plot located beyond the Startown Road, on the opposite side of the road where the data center inaugurated a few months ago is located, one of the largest server farms in the world used to manage the iTunes Store and above all the new iCloud features.

According to the local newspaper CharlotteObserver, Apple is currently buying energy from the Duke company at very advantageous prices, one of the reasons that prompted Apple to build its own data center in this area. Most of the energy produced by Duke comes from coal plants and even nuclear power plants.

In the permit applications presented by Cupertino only the plans and preparatory works for the construction of a solar system emerge, but to know the size and power of the installation, it is necessary to wait for an official communication from the Apple or the presentation of the next permits at local authorities.

Apple is very attentive to its policies for eco-compatible products and also for the use of renewable energy at the plants and plants that it controls directly. For some years now all laptops, desktops and other Apple products have been free of toxic and flammable materials, designed and built to facilitate the recycling of the materials used. In addition, Apple declares that its plants in Autin in Texas, in Sacramento in California and also in Cork in Ireland are 100% powered by renewable energy sources.Apple DataCenter North Carolina