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For now, no Airport Extreme in Switzerland

For now, no Airport Extreme in Switzerland – Macitynet.it

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For now, no Airport Extreme in Switzerland. The new boards and new access points based on the new IEEE 802.11g standard have not yet been approved by the federal authorities.

To reveal that Airport Extreme is not in a position to see the light very soon in the country that borders the online magazine Infoweek with Italy.

According to the news from the newspaper, the Bakom elevating authority would not soon examine the specifications of IEEE 803.11g, and consequently not yet provided any certification necessary for the marketing of products compatible with it.

The result that for now the Swiss Apple online store does not provide the cards and that local retailers are unable to meet customer demand.

What is more worrying than Apple currently can no longer provide any IEEE 802.11b Base Station (except for some warehouse fund). From this it follows that for Apple's Swiss customers, at the moment, it is not possible to buy any base station with the Apple brand and that the only solution is to resort to some third-party products.


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