Flutter, we manage iTunes on Mac using the webcam (and hands)

Flutter, we manage iTunes on Mac using the webcam (and hands)


With flutter we can use our pc using our hands

Let's face it, who has never dreamed of having a futuristic computer like those seen in movies? Those to Mission Impossible, so to speak.

Unfortunately, that type of technology has not yet arrived but for some time now everything is being done to start using our PC in a completely different way, just see everything you can do with a "simple" Kinect that recently Microsoft has also made compatible with PCs.

A rather significant step forward has been made with the "Leap" an accessory that promises to use the PC in a different way and without using the now obsolete (?) Mouse and Keyboard. (Link)

As just said, this jewel of technology will not see the light until next year; at the moment, if you are going to try something similar at no cost, there is an app that is right for you: Flutter.

Available exclusively (and for free) on the Mac App Store, Flutter, an app that currently needs little and nothing as it is compatible with a limited number of applications (VLC, iTunes, Spotify and Quick Time), but what exactly?

In theory, thanks to the integrated webcam, we will be able to play or stop the applications listed above by bringing the palm of the hand close to the camera then, as already mentioned before, an app that at the moment is only used to show the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat could be a bigger project in the near future.

In fact, in the short term, new gestures are expected as written in the description of the app:

Free for limited time until new gestures and apps are released

So, at the moment we advise you to install Flutter to stay updated in case of new updates; The only negative note is the large use of RAM memory when the webcam has to analyze the image, coming to use about 15-20% of the CPU.

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