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Flat screens, unstoppable growth

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Flat screens, unstoppable growth –

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The growth of the flat panel market will continue unstoppable for the next four years. It says certain Display Search, a company specializing in market research in the field of monitors.

'Over the next four years,' claimed C.E. Wang, head of the Display Search division of Taiwan, where most of the LCD monitors are produced 'growth will be 21% per year. Sales will touch 63 billion dollars in 2006 against the current 28.8 billion dollars "

Most of the turnover (70%) will be achieved by the personal computer and TV market, the remainder by small screens, PDAs and mobile phones.

Speaking of units coming, the increase will also be more sensitive. The growth rate is expected to be 37% per year. In 2006, more than 113 million displays will be sold, 80% of which will be flat screen compared to just 30% in 2002.

However, during 2003 prices should not fall and remain comparable to those of last year.

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