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Flash sites protest Apple

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Flash sites protest Apple –

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Some webdesigners, with the support of the SOSAppleSOS portal, have launched a highly controversial initiative, born as a form of protest against the Cupertino giant for the choice not to support Adobe Flash on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Basically, all the developers who joined the protest began to insert a code on their sites that displays a photomontage with Jobs with the middle raised and an eloquent slogan in case a visitor tries to access via an Apple portable device: β€œSteve Jobs hates you! ". The portal then becomes inaccessible, except through computers and devices that support Flash.

Many users are about to make their voices heard, saying that the only ones who are harmed by such an initiative are themselves and the developers themselves. Hardly this will be enough to change Apple's mind, and the owners of the portals risk sacrificing hundreds of visits when it would be easier to readjust the site for mobile devices.

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