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Flash lands on cell phones

Flash debuts on cell phones today. A commercial agreement between NTT DoCoMo and Macromedia has made the player available in a version suitable for pocket phones.

The Japanese communications giant, which also the world's leading cell phone carrier, will announce today the launch of Flash-based services on high-end i-Mode phones.

By purchasing a phone, you will also purchase various services based on Flash interactivity which will reduce the need to navigate between various text menus. The example brought by Macromedia, which is directly involved in the initiative, that of maps for weather forecasts where an animation describes the weather conditions much more effectively than a series of successive pages of text.

Flash adapts well to the needs of today's cellular telephony which, even in the i-Mode version (a sort of advanced Wap), needs to keep the volume of data transferred low. Flash MX goes further to meet the world of mobile phones allowing the creation of sophisticated animations that are also suitable for any type of screen.

Finally, a Flash animation that can work even without a constant connection to the network and without forcing the user to download various animation sequences every time he makes a 'request' for information. Still following the example of the time map, it is possible to click on various areas and obtain various information contained in the same file that all resides on the mobile phone.

If the NTT DoCoMo example proves to be a success and is followed by other providers in other countries for Flash, very important perspectives could unfold in the lucrative and still completely unexplored world of mobile phones.