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Flash 5 by Macromedia in September

According to a statistical recent, 90% of users browsing the Internet able to view pages with Flash content (thanks to plugins pre-installed on browsers and self-service installations), the web designers who use it for their work are over 500,000. .Thanks to this enormous diffusion, the Flash format has become a standard for displaying images and dynamic texts on the Web. In September, the new version will be ready, revising the general interface of the application, unifying it with the other software of the house (DreamWeaver and Fireworks in primoluogo). Dockable windows, new palettes, customizable keyboard shortcuts, the possibility of importing vector drawings created with FreeHand 7, 8 and 9 maintaining transparency and effects, matching colors and layers and symbols contained in the archives. integration with the Generator application (not yet ready for Mac) able to automatically and / or on Flash code request in real time. Also increase the ability to edit and share common elements within different projects also through the easy management of a hierarchical structure. The possibility of optimized printing and management (through Movie Explorer) and publication of Quicktime (4) and RealPlayer movies, the transfer of XML, the management of Action Script and Smart Clips for sharing works complete the news of a mature product that should be even easier to use. Flash will be on sale at $ 400 while the upgrade from the previous version will cost $ 150.