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Five tips to better enjoy Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII

One of the GDR (RPG) best known for PS2 for sure Dragon Quest VIII: The Cursed King's Odyssey,released in later times also for devices Android.This title, released in Europe almost ten years ago, immediately captured the interest of fans of the genre, combining the graphic style of Akira Toriyama (author of Dragon Ball) with the experience of the Japanese house Square Enix.

The title offers a fun and exciting style of play, sometimes recalling Final Fantasy X offering, in addition to a well-developed storyline and characters with a strong personality, also numerous secrets, some of which are difficult to access for the most inexperienced players. we offer five tips to fully enjoy the game:

1 Explore the environment

As per the tradition of the "old-fashioned" RPGs, the places visited contain many useful objects that could significantly simplify the adventure, facilitating, for example, the battles with the most hostile enemies. In the same way there are also environments that can only be reached thanks to careful analysis of the places explored. For these reasons a thorough observation of the places turns out to be an excellent method to make the most of what the game offers.

2 The church

The church is an important area within the structure of the game, which can be found in every city. Inside the building, talking to the nun or the priest, you will have access to various options including resurrection, an indispensable function in the first part of the adventure, being the only available way to bring a character who died in battle back to life. Therefore, it is a good rule to always keep some gold to pay for the priest's services, in case of need.

3 Skill development

The development of skills raises new doubts for new players but, at the beginning of the game, the most important thing is certainly to develop them care he teleportation spells.After a few hours of play, you can immediately realize how indispensable they are medicinal herbs,limited resource and that in the early stages can represent a constant and expensive expense, for this the spell Heal must be unlocked as soon as possible. Likewise, do not have the spell of instantaneous output it can lead to enormous waste of time.

4The boomerang

The characters who will accompany us on the adventure have various types of weapons.The boomerang, available only for the hero, the ideal choice in the first part of the game, as it allows you to damage more than one enemy with one shot, while in the more advanced stages it loses its effectiveness, making it appropriate to switch to the sword or spear.

5 The tension

Tension is a particularly useful resource against tough enemies. Thanks to the option chargein the combat menu, the characters will "concentrate", skipping the turn but enhancing future actions, increasing damage or healing. After a few "charge" turns, it will be possible to reach the Supreme tension which, in addition to aesthetically modifying the protagonists, will enormously increase their potential, reaching 750% of the damage. Any action, except the use of objects, will zero the tension. In any case it must be remembered that the use of this ability it can often prove to be disadvantageous and cause failure, especially in the case of inexperience with regard to gambling mechanics.

Dragon Quest VIII: The Cursed King's Odyssey available on the Play Store at 19.99.

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