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Fitbit now measures blood oxygen on smartwatches and fitness trackers

Fitbit Versa 2, recensione del nuovo smartwatch alternativo

Fitbit has begun to offer with some smartwatches and fitness trackers the possibility of tracking the oxygen saturation levels of the hemoglobin present in the peripheral arterial blood (defined with the abbreviation "SpO2"). The function offered with a software update and an interesting novelty that arrives after the acquisition of Google, and in preview compared to similar features that according to some observers are also arriving on Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch was unveiled in 2015 and, he reports 9to5Mac – integrates features that have never been activated which would allow monitoring of oxygen levels in the blood, allowing instead to view other data such as cardiac variability values ​​(HRV) and VO2 Max (the maximum volume of oxygen consumed per minute).

The site Tizenhelp reports that some Fitbit US users have begun to see the possibility of monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood in the Today app, functionality available on the company's devices with the SP02 sensor integrated and therefore: Fitbit Ionic, pour and the fitness tracker Charge 3.

The Fitbit app highlights that SP02 levels are "estimated". In the new section of the app, we read that "Oxygen saturation normally fluctuates but very significant differences can be linked to respiratory problems".

Fitbit has activated the blood oxygen monitoring feature to some users

SP02 levels offer greater precision in tracking sleep and allow you to identify problems such as sleep apnea. Also 9to5Mac explains that since Apple Watch already integrates the hardware for monitoring oxygen in the blood, Apple probably only awaits approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US government agency that deals with regulation of food and pharmaceutical products.

The SP02 tracking functionality could arrive with watchOS 7 and with the various Apple Watches now on the market.

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