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First trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

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First trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem –

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We have already mentioned that surely one of the most interesting games of the Gameloft line-up at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010. It is Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, third-person action game that will soon see light on the iPhone and iPod Touch , and that will please everyone who, after Iron-Man 2, is still hungry for Marvel superheroes. Unlike the latter, however, Ultimate Spider-Man is not based on the film chapters, but rather on the actual comic.

For the occasion, Gameloft released a short but captivating trailer, in which you can admire both the cartoon graphic style and the combat mechanics. On the right side of the screen there are in fact three different attack buttons, which allow a greater number of combinations and acrobatics: certainly an atypical solution, since the 3D action, and in particular those of Gameloft, have always stood out for have only two action keys. The game trailer also bodes well for greater variety in combat and missions, the Achilles heel of the aforementioned Iron-Man 2. Total Mayhem is slated for release in the third quarter of the year.

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