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First iPad arrived in Italy

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First iPad arrived in Italy –

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IPads are, strictly, on delivery on May 28th. The tablets sent by courier must be delivered during the morning and those that have been delivered to retailers both for training on the product and for sale cannot be sold or even shown, this for a precise agreement signed with Apple. But despite this, something transpires on the Internet; in some cases it is the work of some reseller (or salesman clerk) who broke the confidentiality agreement with Apple at his own risk, but on at least one occasion we are faced with an iPad delivered in advance or, at least, all the clues available converge to this.

The lucky Italian to have had the tablet before all the other Ricky Delli Paoli. The machine shown in the video below an iPad 3G delivered, strangely (all the iPads we know of were sent with TNT) by UPS.

As for the rest of the iPads, we can say that during the day many of the "tracked" ones by Macity were reported as in Europe, arrived from China in the Dutch warehouses for the assembly of accessories and other parts of the order. Tomorrow morning they could take the way of the houses of the Italians who bought them in recent days.

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