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First day reservations iPhone 4, in the US it was an ordeal

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First day of iPhone 4 reservations, in the US it was an ordeal –

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Problems, problems and then again problems. Here is what touched the Americans who during the day today tried to pre-order iPhone 4 on the Apple online site, in the Stores and through the AT&T systems. Reports of serious difficulties began to rebound in the afternoon when all the United States, from the east coast to the west coast, started to access physical and online stores and intensified in the evening.

As mentioned, the troubles affected all fronts. Both the Apple and AT&T websites have always been extremely lazy in responding with tens of thousands of cases of people who have failed to complete the order by collecting only one error message. The same thing happened in physical stores; here the shop assistants worked with pen and paper for most of the day, taking notes to write down the names of the customers and the numbers of their credit cards so that they could be inserted into the systems as soon as they recovered.

Finally, some American sites also report, even the application to access the online sales site from the iPhone that went into crisis. Trying to verify the eligibility of one's position for an upgrade to the new phone the only answer was a software crash.

What exactly happened impossible to say because both Apple and AT&T have rejected any comment, but certainly the most reliable hypothesis that there has been an overload of the servers for too many customers who wanted to book the new phone. On the other hand, the hypothesis based on nothing; practically every iPhone launch there were similar problems and every time the fault ended up on the shoulders of too many reservations. It remains to be understood why, given that the risk was known and known, nobody for years has yet managed to find a way to avoid inconvenience and some bad figures.

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