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Firmware 1.1.3 for iPhone, "private" jailbreaking

Firmware 1.1.3 for iPhone, "private" jailbreaking logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone firmware 1.1.3 has already been violated and made permeable to the installation of independent applications. The group of hackers who have been working for months to release, more or less lawfully, the iPhone and the iPod Touch from the chains imposed by Apple, reported the 'curated' event.

Although the software has been tested and verified as functional, it will not be released. This is because Apple is expecting Apple to release the software developer kit, which is expected to take place in February. The reason why the jailbreaking program is not fully understood, but it could be that you don't want to waste time and work in thorough checks for a program that in a few days may or may become less useful than it is today (several applications will be purchasable and installable) or no longer usable, since most likely Apple will still change the firmware for the iPhone.

In any case, all those who have an iPhone (or an iPod Touch) and want to install third-party applications, for now will do better not to update their device.

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