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FireWire is the preferred solution from the DVD Forum.

FireWire is the preferred solution from the DVD Forum. – Macitynet.it

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A DVD Audio player would need six analog cables to connect to other hi-fi devices, such as audio amplifiers, for example, the DVD Forum decreed FireWire as the excellent technological solution to avoid this unnecessary complication and possibly loss of sound fidelity. The problem is the availability of hardware, that is, players and other devices equipped with a FireWire port, its current diffusion in this very limited if not non-existent area; there are certainly brands such as Pioneer, Denon and Meridian that have embraced FireWire.Pr prestigious brands such as Madrigal, with the Mark Levinson No. 40 and Proceed AVP2 amps will be able to offer FireWire as an accepted upgrade, Sunfire and Anthem have similar plans in this regard. FireWire cables at high construction level will provide Transparent. With this perspective "declared" by the DVD Forum, at the end of November, we can hope that in the near future DVD Audio will become a reality rather than a market niche, given the current situation ( 780 titles in circulation today, an estimated 1,500 in 2003, and approximately 3,400 in 2004).

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