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FireWire from here, FireWire from there (updated).

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FireWire from here, FireWire from there (updated). –

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Making a copyrighted name free until the day before does not mean that it can be used in any form and way.

For nine months, "FireWire" (a name invented and registered by Apple several years ago) can be used without paying particular duties by all the manufacturers of IEEE 1394 technologies for better recognition on the market, they all make money with this unique, more familiar name.

The largest Canadian Internet Service Provider, based in British Columbia, Uniserve, must have made some confusion and had the idea of ​​calling "FireWire" (exactly the definition of Cupertino technology) one of its ADSL offers, a of the most expensive, since it has a price of 130 Canadian dollars (about 79 euros) per month.

As can be easily foreseen, this should not be liked by anyone in Cupertino and the Canadian ISP has quickly renamed its "HotWire" commercial proposal.

To be honest, this time too it seems that at Uniserve there was no sin for excess of originality, given that this name is the same as the famous tourism site … but this is no longer a matter related to the topics of MacityNet.

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