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FireWire boom

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The FireWire market grew 192% during 2000, reaching levels of absolute interest and close to an important critical mass.This is the most commercially significant figure on the spread of IEEE 1394 contained in a study presented yesterday by Cahners In -Stat Group, one of the most quoted surveys. According to Cahners In-Stat Group, PCs and electronic devices equipped with FireWire have exceeded 35 in the past year. Most of these products meet the specifications of IT products. ; during the year we are experiencing, however, devices not classified as computers will outperform traditional CPUs in the adoption of FireWire. The reason for this success can be traced back to the growth in the popularity of digital home video that pushes users towards solutions. simple and efficient as the use of cameras and computers equipped with FireWire. Next year I will present new scenarios for IEEE 1394; among these the competition of USB 2, which could, according to Cahners In-Stat Group, affect some sectors and the launch of the first products that using 802.11a, the new implementation of Wi-Fi, the Airport standard, will be able to create FireWire networks wireless: According to the survey, by 2005 there will be over 200 million devices with FireWire.

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