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Firewire 800: great debut

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The IEEE 1394 Trade Association, the consortium that manages the implementation and development of FireWire, confident that IEEE 1394b will soon conquer information technology.

Statements in this regard came in the context of Macworld from James Snider, executive director of the consortium.

"A new era for FireWire begins today," Snider said, citing the first FireWire 800 peripherals and Apple laptops with this type of connectivity. Today IEEE 1394b comes in terms of transmission speed l where no other standard can reach ’

According to Snider, who cites talks with representatives from the world of the technology industry, 2003 will already see a robust adoption of the standard, followed by an exciting 2004.

As well as in Snider, also in observers, the attention that many consumer industry companies are attracting to FireWire 800 are also aroused, attracted both by the speed and other features of FireWire 2, such as the extension of the operating range. which, with fiber optic cables, now reaches 100 meters. In addition to this IEEE 1394b scalable up to 3.2 GB / Sec in future implementations, four times the current speed. Finally, thanks to Apple, the use of FireWire for the creation of very high speed local networks that will make it possible to connect various digital devices, computers and video systems is now close.

At Macworld, we remind you, some Firewire 2 products have already appeared. In addition to the new Apple laptop, the first personal computer in the world to use this standard, Smartdisk has introduced a series of FirePower disks and LaCie has announced 200 and 500 Gb d2 disks. . Maxtor presented a concept for a 200 Gb disc with FireWire 800