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FireWire 2 on the launch pad?

FireWire 2 on the launch pad? – Macitynet.it

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There will be Firewire 2 in the Macworld announcements. The hypothesis, put forward some time ago by several sites (including ours) now seems to be really concrete, as the (later withdrawn) announcement of SmartDisk would show that it will present a disc that uses this technology to Macworld.

The company, specialized in peripherals, a few hours ago distributed a press release to some important American media in which it was stated that the protagonist of its stand will be a disk (200 GB capacity) called FirePower and whose main feature will be the compatibility with the FireWire 2 standard, as well as with the traditional FireWire standard.

At the moment there is no computer on the market compatible with FireWire 2 and it would make no sense to launch a product of this type, adding an increase in costs, if today or in a very short time some manufacturer should not launch on the market machines with the new implementation of IEEE 1394 and this someone can only be Apple, inventor of the standard.

Further confirmations that the FirePower announcement linked to something that will happen in the context of the Expo chosen to withdraw the announcement from the network, a few hours after its appearance. Apparently dictated by the need not to feed indiscretions on the matter.

Recall that SmartDisk one of the companies traditionally closest to Apple among those in the field of storage devices. Cupertino also owns some shares of SmartDisk

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