Find WiFi networks with Facebook

Find WiFi networks with Facebook

Not everyone knows that the Facebook mobile application has included a very useful feature in its mobile app that lets you report on a map where to find the public WiFi networks nearby. So far we have used third-party apps to find free WiFi networks where we can connect, but now we can use the Facebook app directly. Weren't you aware of it? Then read on because we will explain how it worksfind WiFi networksof the official Facebook application.

Find WiFi networks with Facebook

Often it happens, especially if we travel abroad, to gather around the cities and not be able to use their data connection. In these cases it could be very useful, in order to keep in touch with your friends and relatives, to use a public and free WiFi connection.

It is not always easy to find a publicly accessible WiFi network. Precisely for this reason, Facebook has seen fit to introduce a very useful function for this purpose, called, for the note, "Find WiFi".

This is an option available directly within the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android and allows you to locate nearby WiFi networks, showing them on a map. In this way, all Facebook users will be able to easily find the free networks closest to them.

The function has recently come out of its experimental phase and is available globally since 3 July 2017. It was not, however, much publicized by the social network giant, and for this reason many users even ignored its existence.

But now let's see how to use the "Find Wi-Fi" in the Facebook application.

First open the official Facebook application on the phone, then press the icon representing the three lines and then go to "Other". At this point you should see the option "Find Wi-Fi". It will be enough to activate it to be able to consult the nearest available access points. Click on "Enable Find Wi-Fi".

Find WiFi networks 1

To use the Facebook function "Find Wi-Fi", Requested that access to the position be set to"Always". How to do? Let's see the procedure to follow.

After clicking on "Enable Find Wi-Fi"A pop-up appears as in the following image and click on Settings> Place> Tap "Always".

Find WiFi networks 2

Returning back, the map of the area in which you are located will appear with the identification of the WiFi location if present. The room that provides access to the WiFi network will be indicated.

Find WiFi networks 3

By clicking on "Visit the Page", You will enter the Facebook page of the room that provides the WiFi service. By clicking on "Indications"You will have more information on the location of the venue, the route and the distance from where you are.

Find WiFi networks 4

This is a very useful option that finds WiFi networks with the Facebook app in cases where you don't know where to find a free connection. You no longer need to install other applications on your smartphone that perform the same WiFi search service. It is also a great way to make an activity known, simply by providing the free connection service to a WiFi network, provided it has a Facebook page.

Other ways to find WiFi networks

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