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Find my Phone – Find mobile phones with Google search

Find my Phone – Find mobile phones with Google search

find my phoneIf you’ve lost your cell phone and especially if it’s been stolen, it’s usually every minute. In order to find it quickly and in case of an emergency also lock or delete all data, Google has now integrated its Android tracking service in the web search.

Prerequisite for fast mobile phone finding: the device manager As with a normal location of an Android phone, you have to install in advance on the device manager and allow the location of the mobile phone.

Locating in one step with Google

When locating your cell phone, you can do it in one step: Simply enter “find my phone” in the search bar. On the result page, a section of a map is shown directly, in which the location of the mobile phone is marked:

Right on this page, you can play a loud ringtone to find his cell phone faster, but it should be in your own apartment. If one sees, however, that the mobile phone is in an unknown place, one must click only on the map section and reaches then to a screen, where one can also lock the mobile phone and delete all data.

Fast mobile phone tracking currently only for English speaking search, Unfortunately, this search function is not yet available for the German search by Google. If you still want to use them, you can use this link and enter the search field “find my phone”. The positioning can take a few seconds and is accurate to a few feet.

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