Find My Mobile, the bug on Samsung devices that is best avoided

Find My Mobile, the bug on Samsung devices that is best avoided

An error in the Samsung smartphone monitoring software could endanger your phone without your knowledge

Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Photo: daarrthvader / Weibo)(Photo: daarrthvader / Weibo)

If you are using the Find My Mobile feature on your Samsung smartphone, maybe better turn it off for a while.

Ok, find my phone a service that can be very useful if you lose your phone. The function makes it possible to check the position of your smartphone and, if necessary, to block and clean up the system.But be careful: what should protect your phone from the bad guys, could instead hide a nice scam.

what the NIST (National Institute of Standards Technology) thinks, which claims that the Find My Mobile function brings with it a potentially harmful bug that allows anyone who comes into possession of your mobile phone lock or clean the phone remotely.Apparently, the service does not have a system to validate any blocking code, which would allow any attacker to use network traffic to obtain device control.The same thing that happened at the beginning of the year with mobile gadgets iOS.

In short, it is better to stay alert, because the function could be active without you knowing it: once you create a Samsung account, the service is automatically activated. Meanwhile, until Samsung publicly presents a statement and an official solution, we reiterate that perhaps betterdisable the service.You can alternatively use Android Device Manager, available for free on the Play Store for all Android devices.


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