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Financial Times: "Apple risks an antitrust investigation"

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Financial Times: '' Apple risks an antitrust investigation '' –

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The Federal Trade Commission could initiate an investigation against Apple regarding the limitation of competition in the mobile advertising sector. This is what the Financial Times reveals, capturing rumors and feelings that circulate among the experts in the US antitrust agencies. According to the financial newspaper, the authorities have already begun to examine Cupertino's behavior in the mobile advertising sector, although an antitrust investigation has not yet been officially launched.

The new rumors about an unofficial examination underway against Apple by the FTC come a few hours after the alarm launched by Omar Hamoui, founder and CEO of AdMob, the main mobile advertising company now owned by Google. With the presentation of the new iOS 4, Apple has modified the clauses that prevent access and collection of personal and statistical data to third-party companies. While the first version of the license excluded any external communication of data that was not explicitly authorized by the user, the new clause seems to contain limitations that can particularly affect AdMob and Google.

Section 3.3.9 of the iOS 4 developer license specifies that the use of user data is only possible for independent advertising companies whose main activity is to provide advertising. Access to data is explicitly excluded for companies that have connections with companies that develop or distribute other mobile devices or other mobile operating systems. According to Hamoui, this clause from Apple represents an artificial limitation of free competition, a rule capable of damaging not only AdMob but also other smaller companies engaged in the explosive sector of mobile advertising. Finally, according to Hamoui, the clause limits the possibilities of the developers to choose how best they prefer how to generate revenue with their apps, ultimately also damaging end users. According to the AdMob CEO, the latter would have less and less free or low-priced apps available, possible only thanks to advertising.

Finally, remember that according to the Financial Times, the antitrust authorities have not yet decided whether and when to start an official investigation against Cupertino.

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